Audit Quality

Audit Quality

Audit quality is our top priority, and a key catalyst of trust in financial reporting. 

BDO in Azerbaijan demonstrates a commitment to quality through a culture that exists throughout our firm which recognises and reinforces:

  • Our role in serving the public interest by consistently performing quality  engagements
  • The importance of professional ethics, values and attitudes
  • The responsibility of all personnel for quality relating to the performance of engagements or activities within the system of quality management, and their expected behaviour, and 
  • The importance of quality in the firm’s strategic decisions and actions, including our financial and operational priorities.  

BDO in Azerbaijan maintains its System of Quality Management (SoQM0 in accordance with International Standard on Quality Management (ISQM) 1, a new standard which requires us to have a system of quality management in place to ensure the Firm and our personnel fulfil requirements with the required frameworks and that reports produced are appropriate in the circumstances. BDO views ISQM 1 as an opportunity to improve our quality management systems to support consistently high audit quality. 

Crucially compared to the previous standard ISQM requires a proactive (rather than reactive) approach and links the various elements to create a holistic system. ISQM 1 has been implemented by our Firm by end of year 2022; with the first round of monitoring (i.e. testing) and conclusions on the system of quality management to be performed in 2023.


For years, we have been reviewing and investing significantly in our firm’s system of quality management, technology to support engagement execution and the technical infrastructure of the firm. Through this process we have identified key priorities that align the Assurance practice structure, resources and activities to deliver the highest level of quality in our audits.

  • Extending our accountability model and further aligning our reporting with our assurance operations
  • Ongoing recruitment of experienced professionals with proven success in audit engagement execution
  • Deploying additional resources at the engagement level to improve the effectiveness of our audit procedures
  • Relentlessly executing on our risk assessment, design of audit procedures and supervision and review.


First and foremost, audit quality is driven by skilled people, doing evaluative, insightful and impactful work. Our assurance leaders are focused on employing our audit strategy in alignment with BDO’s corporate goals and supported by our core purpose of helping people thrive every day. This includes enhancing our inclusive culture, executing properly sequenced and insight-driven audits and addressing capacity requirements.



We view our audit process through a client and stakeholder lens, recognizing the need to perform the highest quality, compliant engagements to deliver timely insights. This is further underscored by our adherence to performing the right tasks, by the right people, at the right time. Execution of our audits has been facilitated by a variety of actions:


To meet the rapid pace of business acceleration where information is essential, BDO is concentrating innovation efforts on ways for our professionals to work smarter.

  • Collaboration & Accountability Technologies that ensure mutual accountability between BDO and our clients
  • Items that Matter Most Advanced data analytics identify those items of interest that merit the most attention
  • Automation & Integration Support our professionals with bots, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), tools and integrations to enable rapid decision-making.