• ESG-Dubandi Beach clean up event

ESG-Dubandi Beach clean up event

31 August 2022

BDO in Azerbaijan is committed to supporting achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals and become carbon neutral by 2050.

As part of their commitment to ESG initiatives, on 6 August 2022 the firm sponsored the first Dubendi Night Trail race.  All proceeds from the 7km race (1km for children) were donated to fund the clean-up of nearby beaches

Later in the month, a team from the firm rolled up their sleeves to take part in the Dubendi beach clean event, which also aimed to raise awareness of marine pollution and reduce garbage and plastic pollution.

 Yunis Salayev, Managing Partner at BDO in Azerbaijan, said: "The beach clean-up was an event full of both purpose and fun.  We are proud to support the BDO Sustainability Movement and will continue to play our part in the achievement of our global ESG goals."