• Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics

Logistics and Transportation can mean many things. To us, it's all about facilities management, outsourcing, transport and logistics, recruitment and training and lease/hire, quality and printing/packaging for good measure.

That's a lot of ground, we know, but we cover it. And cover it well.

We recognise that this sector covers a lot of ground but each company is a niche in its own right and we have built up the skills and experience in various sectors such as Facilties Management, Recruitment and Training and Equipment Rental.

Nevertheless, despite this diversity, many common themes apply, all of which we have extensive expertise in:

Contract-based arrangements
People-based issues
Mergers and acquisitions
Incentivising employees

We also believe that you deserve a well-rounded team working with your business. Our partners lead from the front, with several of them contributing to industry thought leadership through panels, forums and trade publications.

Within BDO and the BDO network, giving us representation in more than 1,100 offices in over 110 countries, we have a collaborative approach which means your relationship partner is actually a gateway to cross-sector, cross-service and cross-border horizons.