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23 September 2021

BDO’s Global Risk Landscape Report for 2021 examined the mechanics of decision-making under pressure and with huge uncertainty.


Article: Are Pharma and medical companies well positioned in a post pandemic world?

20 September 2021

COVID-19 has functioned as a fast-forward button throughout many industries, accelerating existing trends. It could be said that pharmaceutical and medical companies were already in fast-forward, and COVID-19 has acted more like a rocket booster to existing changes.

06 September 2021

How are English football clubs managing the financial impact of the pandemic and empty grounds? Are more football clubs in financial trouble?

02 September 2021

Many business owners are surprised by the amount of legal documentation that underlies a typical business purchase and sale. Retaining a lawyer with transaction experience is key to help navigate the process.

30 August 2021

BDO’s Digital Performance Indicator (DPI) can tell you how your digital capabilities stack up against your peers’—and what you can do to up your game.

26 August 2021

The Covid-19 Pandemic has resulted in many companies being forced into implementing a full remote-working model overnight

23 August 2021

In analyzing the industry landscape, it provides practical ways to improve your business—for the next six months and for years to come.

19 August 2021

The financial year-end close for most companies is in the rearview mirror, and lessons were learned on the effectiveness of tax controls during a virtual close.

16 August 2021

According the to the 2021 Digital Transformation Survey, 45% of middle market organizations are shifting more of their operations to the cloud or going cloud-native.

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