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Mining is an internationally diverse industry

The mining industry is one of the most internationally diverse industries on the financial markets. Finding a new resource can mean venturing into politically unstable emerging economies and into jurisdictions which are less readily accessible. From an investment perspective the industry is recognised as high risk, high reward.

Understanding the risks of working internationally in emerging economies and less stable regimes is key to ensuring that a business' risks are appropriately managed. This is where the right advisers will bring value to a business, its shareholders and investors.

BDO's specialist Natural Resources Mining team provides a broad range of services to companies, individuals and investors who are active in this dynamic industry. Using our industry knowledge and leveraging our experience in established and developing economies, we can offer our perspective on the issues that many companies face in practice and which are often unique to this industry.

BDO’s Natural Resources Mining team work across all international jurisdictions, from Australia to Latin America, and from South Africa to North America. We work with companies who are in the early stages of their exploration programs through to companies who have multi-site producing operations and cover commodities from Gold to Iron Ore and everything in between.