• BDO celebrates Novruz together with Azerbaijani nation

BDO celebrates Novruz together with Azerbaijani nation

18 March 2021

Welcoming the spring: Novruz holiday

Azerbaijani people are celebrating Novruz Holiday -- the symbol of winter's end and the advent of spring, an affirmation of  life in harmony with nature, indication of equality and fraternity and renewal of nature . It marks the arrival of spring and is celebrated on the vernal equinox, March 20-21 – the beginning of the astronomical New Year. Novruz is the time at which people say goodbye to the old year and prepare for the sense of physical and spiritual renewal that the spring brings

During the holidays, held on 20-21th of March, local people demonstrate their abilities, decorative art products, paintings, handcrafted items and souvenirs. Novruz holiday is full of ceremonies and traditions. According to the tradition, people celebrate the awakening of the four elements of nature: Water, Fire, Wind, and Soil. Each of the four Tuesdays falling before Novruz is dedicated to a different element.

At the festivals have been held daily during the festivals, the visitors are able to enjoy national dances and songs, performed by Azerbaijani artists as well as representatives of other nations, along with people’s favorite songs performed by Azerbaijani stars. Besides Samani, there are the types of traditional sweets such as shekerbura, pakhlava, qoghal, and badambura.  In our multinational republic you could also hear New Year greetings.

BDO Azerbaijan , audit and accountancy company is also joining  the national celebration of Novruz holiday. And, wishes you happiness on holidays and throughout the year!