• Telecommuncation Risk Factor report

Telecommuncation Risk Factor report

Global telecommunications, once regarded as among the most stable of all industry sectors, has witnessed widespread and disruptive change in recent years. The industry is undoubtedly in a period of significant transition, but to what? Our research among 60 of the leading global telecoms companies reveals no section of the market is immune from game- changing forces such as technology change, competition and consolidation, and changing customer behaviours. Each of these factors have the potential to reshape fundamentally

the relationships telecoms companies have with their customers, suppliers and other value chain partners. Against this background of varied disruption and change, what do telecoms companies identify as their most significant and immediate risks? What approaches are telecoms companies taking to manage and mitigate these risks? And have they got their priorities right: do the risks they identify align with the challenges that are likely to have the most impact on their future performance?


To answer these questions BDO has investigated the risks self-reported by 60 of the largest fixed line and mobile telecoms providers across 13 different global markets in their most recent annual results statements. Our analysis of their risks highlights an uncertain future ahead, but a willingness among many telecoms companies to embrace risk in pursuit of greater opportunities


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