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  • Guide for obtaining the permission to visit workplace during quarantine regime

Guide for obtaining the permission to visit workplace during quarantine regime

07 April 2020

Procedure for entering information about employees on the portal “”

According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated April 2, 2020, information on employees of private legal entities allowed to operate during the quarantine regime should be entered on the portal "" starting from April 3, 2020 at 10:00. We bring to your attention the procedure for data entry below

1. To obtain a permit for employees to visit workplace during the quarantine period, go to the website and access the portal using the ASAN signature or the Electronic signature tools for legal entities.

2. After accessing the portal with one of the above tools, go to the " İcazələr" section. Click the "Yeni" button in that section.

3. The "Yeni icazə" section should include information about the employee. Here should be entered:

• Form of contract with the employee (employment contract / service contract / employer or founder);

• Employee ID card (migration document) PIN (some information is filled in automatically when you click the “axtar” button);

• Serial and number of the employee's ID card (migration document);

• Name, surname, patronymic of the employee;

• Employee's date of birth;

• Serial and number of the employee's service card (if any);

• The position of the employee;

• Special rank of the employee (if any);

• State registration number of the employee's vehicle (if any);

• Full name of the workplace;

• Permission start date;

• Expiration date of the permit;

• Type of permit issue (“Xidməti” must be specified);

• Areas of activity.

4. As a final step, after making sure that the information is correct, click the "Təsdiqlə" button and after that click the "Yadda saxla" button. On the next page, the list of permissions should include information about the employee and the word " Göndərilmişdir " should be written in front of it. After that, usually after a few minutes, the status is changed to "Təsdiqlənmişdir". By this you enter information about your employee into the portal.

Please note that the employees you have entered do not need to use the 8103 SMS permission system to leave the house in the cases provided for in the above decision.