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27 August 2019

How football clubs and investors are responding to developments in football finances. 

03 June 2019

BDO M&A review brings attention to the key trends, market dynamics, valuation drivers and M&A activity in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management market. The race for technology and automation presents opportunity for market disrupters and entrants to provide new business models to deliver...

13 February 2019

Check out our new microsite on Beneficial Ownership Disclosure

20 April 2018

Although many aspects of cybersecurity are rooted in technology, a change in understanding is emerging that finance executives' expertise adds great value to an organisation’s cybersecurity strategy, as they view it from a business ownership angle, integrating risk management, ERP, compliance...

06 February 2017

The total value of reported fraud has risen to a five-year high of £2bn, BDO analysis shows.Top Ten firm BDO found in its analysis that the number of cases has fallen, compared to 2015, but that the average cost of fraud has risen 35.4% to £3.9m, and the total increased 31.5% to £2bn in 2016.BDO...

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